Lupit Pole Ambassadors

Lupit Pole Ambasadors are one of the best pole artists in the world . We are ever grateful to be able to work together and have them in our family. Their hard work and personalities are an inspiriation not only for pole community but also for every human being.


Saulo Sarmiento / Cirque du Soleil, pole and flying pole artist‘I am a believer. Dreams do come true, and ‘Everything happens for a reason. ‘An artistic... More

Marion Crampe

Pole Dance / Contortion Performer and Instructor, CompetitorRepresenting Awd 2016 & 2014: Positive Role model in the pole/aerial industry3rd Wolrd champ IPC... More

Alberto Del Campo

He's the only person to win 2 times the Pole Classic at Pole Expo, male and overall winner 2016-17, he won the first US Pole Art in 2017 and got finalist at... More

Phoenix Kazree

She is a former gymnast and is trained in classical, contemporary and ethnic dance styles. Her dance training includes the Alvin Ailey American Dance School,... More

Kenneth Kao

Dr. Ken "Pole Ninja" has toured and taught pole in over 35 countries since 2014. He’s built his reputation on a dynamic and fluid style. With his background... More

Sergia Louise Anderson

Sergia began dancing and performing at a young age in Classical Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, and Theater. After receiving scholarships from New York City Dance... More

Peter Holoda

Hungarian artist, Péter Holoda. Péter Holoda is a dancer, actor and athlete, and he combines his versatile skills in his pole dancing routine.... More

Carly Child

Carly Child an avid animal lover from Utah, USA is a young and very diverse pole athlete/artist/dancer. With competition titles like: 2018 USPDF... More

Marlo Fisken

Marlo Fisken grew up in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and has studied dance for 30 years. She is a graduate of the Virginia Governor’s School for the Arts (as a... More


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