Get to know your favorite pole dancers a little better. Think about the community a little harder. Learn about technology a little more. Train a little different. View personal and pole issues through someone else’s eyes. Read a Lupit blog.

marion crampe

She has been traveling the world sharing her passion for movement, spirituality, love and humour with students and other performers all over the world in masterclasses, shows and competitions. She has been described as the “Pole Fairy” and you will understand this once you meet her. Her classes are ...

Pregnancy and Pole part I

From pro to pregnant. What happens when you are a professional athlete and you suddenly find out the biggest news in the world. The joy, the happiness, and sudden fear of what will happen now? Can I still practice? Will I be able to get back to my passion/sport afterwards? What comes next?...

Pregnancy and Pole part II

Every day, every moment is a new opportunity, and just because your current circumstances could prevent you from putting full focus on that passion, it doesn’t mean that the passion has disappeared. It is just waiting for you in the wings, when you are good and ready for it....

Chrome, Brass or Steel?

Every poler is an individual. Before you know what suits you best, you have to try a lot of different materials. And once you find the right fit, you will stick to it, literally! Because you and your pole are one. Here are some tips from Sergia that could help you choose your ideal pole finish....

A is for amazing, A is for Alberto

Alberto del Campo is a super special human being! His unique style and bubbly personality inspire everyone around him. We had a chance to talk to him about life, family and of course pole! Take a closer look into his everyday life, we promise you will be uplifted by his energy and his story....

Kenneth Kao #poleninja

Kenneth Kao is a Chiropractor, Parkour Instructor, Internationally regarded pole dancer, and professionally published author, as well as a photographer. Kenneth brings his unique and eclectic backgrounds into the capturing and creation of his photos....

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