If we have ever doubted the meaning of the word mindfulness, this year was dedicated to its understanding.

Living each day for yourself. We have stopped, we have listened, we have learned to understand our body. We have learned to distinguish the good from the unimportant. And to know who gives meaning to our lives. And that is where we stopped.

At Lupit we will dedicate this December to your friendships and together we will make your loved ones happy.

Let's celebrate!

Always, but especially this year we value friendship. Your task is to choose the one who means the most to you in life and to whom you want to give Lupit goods. 

How do you do that?

It's very easy. Put your mobile phone on the face camera, tell us who you want to give something to and why, and put the film with hashtags on your IG Post 



And what are the criteria for participation?

- The length of your film must not exceed 40 seconds.

- Only one person can be nominated in a film. 

 - You can nominate each person only once for only 1 gift. As we have every week different gift, you can nominate the same person again, for another gift. But newer twice for the same one.

- However, one person can be nominated by several people.


You must follow the Lupit Instagram profile.

- You must use the hashtags #LupitPassiton and #lupit


The winner will be chosen at random, but only from among those who meet all the above criteria.

Saving the best for last

What are these great prices you ask?

This year, Santa Claus has widely opened his bag and got:

The first week of December 8 - 15: 1x LUPIT Home pole classic G2 chrome 

The second week of December 15 - 21: 1x LUPIT standard black crash mat 8cm/ 3.14in

The third week of December 22 - 28: 1x LUPIT Lyra/ hoop Powder coated

There is more to it than that!. With Luit Santa bag we will also reward your generosity - the one who will nominate a randomly selected winner. This way you will both be able to celebrate, after all, it's the most wonderful time of the year:

Let's celebrate friendship!

OH, and another thing - we did not forget about Facebook. 

Little surprises in the form of coupons are waiting for you every day. All you have to do is spin the wheel, leave your e-mail address and use the coupon to buy any Lupit product within 24 hours.

Let us Celebrate December!


Rules and general conditions of participation for the Instagram "LUPIT PASS IT ON" competition.

1. organizer of the competition

The organizer of the contest "LUPIT PASS IT ON (hereinafter referred to as the "Contest") is the company Lupit Pole d.o.o., Pod jelšami 6, 1290 Grosuplje, VAT ID SI 38906970 (hereinafter referred to as the "Organizer")

2. transmission of data

The competition is not affiliated, sponsored, endorsed or organized in any way by Facebook Ireland, Ltd. All data and information necessary to participate in the raffle will be provided to the organizer and in no way Facebook Ireland, Ltd. The organizer is solely responsible for the content of the raffle. For all questions regarding the competition, please contact info@lupitpole.com.

3. declaration of consent

By participating in the competition, you accept all the rules and general conditions of participation listed here.

4. purpose of the lottery

The purpose of the competition is to promote the Lupit Pole brand on the territory of the Republic of Slovenia and abroad.

5. duration of the contest

The raffle lasts from 07.12.2020 from 10.00 to 28.12.2020 until 00.00 o'clock on the social network Instagram.

6. participation in the raffle

Participation in the lottery is subject to the acceptance of these rules and general conditions of participation. By participating in the competition, the participant is deemed to have agreed to these rules and general conditions. The purchase at Lupit pole d.o.o. is not a condition for participation.

Persons over the age of 15 can participate in the raffle. Persons under the age of 15 may participate in the raffle with the consent of their parents or legal representatives.

Participants may cancel their participation at any time until the end of the raffle by sending a cancellation request to the e-mail address info@lupitpole.com. In this case, the participant will be excluded from further participation in the raffle and the organizer will immediately arrange for the deletion of his personal data.

7. the procedure of the raffle

The participant takes part in the contest by following the Lupit Stake profile on the Instagram network for the duration of the contest, preparing a video in which he/she says who he/she is nominating for a gift and publishing the video in his/her Instagram profile. He uses the keys #lupitpassiton and #lupit. A person can nominate a participant for a weekly prize only once.

Anyone who follows the Lupi bar profile and publishes a video with a person's nomination and uses a specific key will be entered into the raffle.

8. selection of the winners

Among the participants who will participate in the raffle according to these rules, the Promoter will draw one (1) winner at random every Tuesday (December 15th, 22nd and 29th) and the person who nominated the winner for the Instagram network.

9. rewards

The winner will receive as a prize - 1 x Home pole, 1 x Crash mat standard 8 cm and 1 x Lupit Hoop, which will be sent by post to the winner's address.

The prizes cannot be exchanged for cash or any other prize. The prizes are not transferable to third parties.

10. notification of the winners and receipt of the prizes

The winner will be informed of the selection on Tuesday, 15, 22 and 29 December 2020 in a post on the social network Instagram of the organizer by inviting the winner to send an e-mail to info@lupitpole.com or to send Lupit pole a message with your address on the Instagram page.

The winners must send information by message or e-mail to info@lupitpole.com no later than 5 working days after receiving these forms. If the winner does not reply to the organizer within 5 working days of notification of the receipt of the prize, he/she will be deemed to have withdrawn his/her participation in the competition and at the same time waive his/her right to the prize. Upon receipt of the complete information referred to in paragraph 2 of this article, the prize will be sent to the winner by mail within 20 working days.

The Organizer shall not be liable for any costs arising from the acceptance of the prize.

The winners expressly authorize the publication of their first and last name on the Instagram social network.

11. taxation of the prizes

The prize in this raffle is not subject to taxation.

12. responsibility

The participants take part in the raffle at their own risk. The organizers and persons involved in the realization of the raffle are not liable for any damages resulting from the prizes. The organizer does not accept any responsibility for undesirable consequences that the participant and/or third parties would suffer as a result of participating in the lottery.

The organizer is also not responsible if the server is not available unless this is due to extremely negligent or intentional action for which the organizer is responsible. In addition, the organizer is not responsible for technical errors and malfunctions beyond his control (such as power failures). In case of circumstances beyond the organizers' control (force majeure), the organizers may cancel the raffle. They must inform participants via Facebook or Instagram and, if necessary, by other means. In such a case, participants will not be liable for any damages incurred.

The decision of the organizers on any matter related to the sweepstakes or the application of the rules is final and applies to all participants.

In the event of premature termination of the competition for reasons other than its own, the organizer reserves the right to award prizes among those who have participated in the competition up to the time of interruption or not to terminate the competition without any obligation to the participants.

13. exclusion from the raffle

In case of violation of the rules of the competition or in case of disrespectful communication, the organizer reserves the right to exclude offenders from the competition without prior notice.

Persons who use illegal gadgets (e.g. hacker tools, viruses, trojans, etc.) or otherwise profit from manipulation (e.g. a person with several Facebook or Instagram profiles) will also be excluded. Persons who participate on behalf of third parties (with or without their knowledge) may also, be excluded from the prize draw and participation via a prize draw associations, automatic services and especially via a professional prize draw service will also be considered a violation.

In the event of exclusion from participation in the raffle, prizes may be subsequently withdrawn from the winner or the prizes already awarded will be claimed by the winner. If the prize is no longer available to the subsequently excluded winner, the Organizer reserves the right to demand a sum of money from the winner equal to the value of the prize received.

14. protection of personal data

The participant in the lottery allows the organizer as the person responsible for the collection of personal data to collect and process his personal data for the following purposes: running the competition in accordance with these general conditions; informing the winner in accordance with these conditions; publishing the winner in accordance with these general conditions and awarding prizes.

The data controller shall protect the data received in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and in compliance with its internal laws adopted on the basis of this Act. Under no circumstances will the data controller communicate or disclose the data received to third parties. The operator will delete the e-mail addresses within three months after the end of the raffle.

The participant has the right to access, transcribe, copy, supplement, correct, block and delete the personal data concerning him/her. In the event that at any time the Participant wishes to be deleted from the database of e-mail addresses of recipients of notifications to the Organizer, he/she may send this request at any time to the e-mail address info@lupitpole.com.

15. settlement of disputes

The court in Ljubljana shall have jurisdiction over any disputes arising in connection with this competition which cannot be settled amicably.

16. publication of the rules

These rules and general conditions of participation are published on the Lupit Pool website.

Place and date of publication of the rules of the competition: Grosuplje, 1.12.2020


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