To some extent, the above statement summarizes the origin story of Halloween. The beginning of winter marks the long, dark season of harsh circumstances. The ancient pagans believed that October 31st was the day when spirits could roam the earth, and by putting on costumes they tried to keep them away. They also lit bonfires and made very unpleasant sacrifices. 

We have now gone for a while just thinking of this spooky holiday as nothing more than a fun night of waving our freak flags, dressing up, partying and scaring each other. But it is Halloween 2020, and it goes without saying this 'spook season" - hit different. 

By eliminating the party aspect, only terror remains. It feels like the thin veil between the worlds has been lifted, and we all just howl at the moon (social media) in the hope of averting the gloom that rolled in like the creepy fog from a Stephen King novel. It started out looking grotesque and even funny, but the jeepers crawling up your neck as the plot thickens tells you that this is real. Since there is no real master plan and we cannot say that we can rely on "All Saints' who get their thing going on the first of November, we can only look back on crafty Celts and use them for our #haloweeninspo.

For good measure, we will borrow some extra sauce from another ancient culture well versed in handling all sorts of djinns, to stay alive, happy, and thriving. Here is our Halloween 2020 survival plan:

We sacrifice the physical closeness of our loved ones to protect them. 

We will light candles to be the light in the darkness. 

We will burn sage to purify the energy and keep evil away. 

We will disguise ourselves. At least this year we will all wear face masks. 

On loan from Whirling Dancers - we will continue to spin our souls on hoops and poles, in the spirit of forgiveness, tolerance and enlightenment. 

As a pole newbie but a Halloween veteran, I want you to get in on the action and join the collective effort to beat this invisible beast. Follow the above checklist with vigour and look for more clues on our social media. You will be intrigued.

Stay safe and spin your soul.


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