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Get to know your favorite pole dancers a little better. Think about the community a little harder. Learn about technology a little more. Train a little different. View personal and pole issues through someone else’s eyes. Read a Lupit blog.


Zaki is a multidisciplinary circus artist and creative practitioner who draws from a broad movement background both on the ground and in the air, creating performances that balance both grace and creative energy on stage....

Lush motion

In 2020, Tatjana and her partner, Tim Thiele, decided to combine their skills, and Lush Motion was born....

Meet Isabel Zhu

We want to invite you on a journey with us, to gain new perspectives and knowledge. ...

Pole dancing in Iran

There is virtually no pole community in Iran. So what do you do, when you want to proceed with your passion in a pole-less city?...

From Hustlers to Wuxi

China was a bit of a different story. I found myself not in Shanghai or Beijing but in Wuxi, a progressive and growing city 3 hours away from Shanghai by car....

Complete solution for pole dance

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