How to choose the right pole

  • Do you need a Pole for studio or home?

    If you are looking for studio, than choose between our  range of  STUDIO POLES.
    If you like to practice at home than choose between our range of HOME POLES.

  • Do You need a multipurpose studio space?

    Than check out our professional Lupit Pole Studio line PRO REMOVABLE POLES.

    If your Ceiling height in studio is above 4,2m than choose between our PRO PERMANENT POLES

    If your Ceiling height at home is:

    From 2 – 3,2m than choose between CLASSIC AND DIAMOND POLES

    From 3,2 – 4,2m than choose between our PRO REMOVABLE POLES

    From 4,2 – 4,7m than choose between our PERMANENT POLES

  • Do you have smaller or normal/strong hands?

    If you have smaller than choose CLASSIC 42mm

    If you have normal or strong hands than choose CLASSIC 45mm

  • Do you have humid or dry environment?

    If Humid than choose: stainless steel/ powder coated finishing

    If Dry than choose chrome/ powder coated / brass finishing

  • If you really struggle with gripping all different types of metal poles?

    Than we have the right sollution for you.
    Choose Lupit Pole Classic powder coated finish


Complete solution for pole dance

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