AERIAL ACCESSORIES, silk mount set


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Silk mount set.

Due to the round suspension ideal for mounting and Lupit Silks. With this hook, the Lupit Silks is mounted gently and can be fixed with a knot within a few seconds. With the help of a round sling, the hook can also be ideally used for installing an aerial hoop. Simply wrap around sling around the round hoop and attach your aerial hoop to it.

The suspension is made of steel. When installing the suspension, make sure your ceiling is load-bearing and can withstand the applied load. The suspension is available in black and silver.


  • $23.99

Super light and strong forged stainless steel ring.  Works well for rigging aerial silks hammocks.  Rated at 32 kN.  2 3/4" outside diameter, 1 3/4" inner diameter.

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