Dance is a universal language of passion, determination, emotion, deep expression, healing. First comes soul, then comes body - and never let anyone tell you differently. We talked to the team behind the @disissocool platform about dance, and the team’s unique mission to support and illuminate dancers/artists with diverse conditions, disabilities and have to say we wholeheartedly agree - Diversity is awesome! Here is what they told us when asked about dancing with disabilities: 

Every person faces challenges.

Rhythm, movement, make any challenge simpler.

Lots of people find in dance a kind of solution, comfort, pleasure that can not be found anywhere else. A person with a disability, visible or not, can be perceived as someone for whom this solution is not "accessible" enough, but the truth is completely different. Many studies have shown, and even without them, to be honest, if we just look at reality - we will see so many dancers with one degree of disability or another occupying the world stages.

It turns out that dancing for people with disabilities is sometimes better than any medicine that any doctor can prescribe. What the dance does to the soul, is expressed in a healthier, more whole-body, suddenly the disability disappears and a twinkling star appears that illuminates the eyes of all who look at it.

What about Pole dancing with disabilities? 

Pole dancing with my disability.

The number of times eyebrows were raised while we were telling people that amputated people were dancing on a pole, is unbelievable. To perceive in the mind that people with a motor disability end the show with loud applause from the audience, it is probably not a simple thing. For us, it's pretty obvious. A person with a disability can achieve almost anything, if only he wants it and as long as he understands that he is not obligated to meet the standards of others, but to produce his own way. This time we will focus on amputees, who succeed in superhuman powers to dance on a pole by recruiting a lot of muscle, intense training, and lots and lots of willpower. Every video we share, that shows a guy or girl climbing a pole and creating for themselves a new line of dance art, giving their own interpretation to pole dancing in particular, and dealing with a limitation in general (gets so much attention). Thousands of views and likes, sympathetic comments, love from all sides. People value effort, do not share love out of pity, critically judge professional ability and are repeatedly surprised by the abilities that those special people are able to produce. The sensuality that exists in pole dancing, the required flexibility, the mystery and the sexy, all of these only enhance the achievement of any person with a disability at the end of a show.

Beyond the fact that dancing on a pole of people with disabilities amazes people, what it does to the body and mind of those people is much greater. Aerobic activity strengthens the muscles, which can work in the body of the disabled dancer. Acrobatics flexes its rigid body in most cases, producing movement that without the pole dancing would simply not exist. The benefits are huge. Disability and pole dancing not only live in peace with each other, but they also empower each other, cause the dancer's body to reach new heights, and the audience in the show to get excited at levels that did not exist at times when they preferred not to show disabilities on the dance stages.

Dis is a Win-Win situation!

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