In June 1969 the Stonewall Riots took place, so every year the LGBT community celebrates this special month in a number of different ways. There are many parades, street festivals, education sessions and street parties. A month of celebration is a month of a peacefully organised protest.

It is an opportunity to raise political awareness of current issues facing the community.

In a time of constant questions, we have decided that our answer will always be love. We do not want to exist within boundaries and constraints. Love is absolute, love is.

With awareness, with love, with open senses for all who are disadvantaged, for all who go unheard, for all whose rights are diminished, for all whose freedom is curtailed, for all who feel deprived - we call on you to celebrate the month of June - the pride month with earnest (com)passion and strong faith in LIFE.

Only and exclusively for this purpose, we have created a special product. The Lupit Rainbow Stage. The limited edition of 16 poles will only be available in June. 

Only 15 will go into direct sales. They will be ready to ship at the end of June. 

The model will be reserved by payment. Also, 20% of the profits from each of the 15 Lupit Rainbow Stages will be donated to LGBT rights organizations of the buyer's choice. 

How to purchase the Lupit Stage of Pride/ Lupit Rainbow Stage and how to donate to LGBT communities?

Email our sales department: with the subject line: Lupit Rainbow Stage or via "request a quote" form:

and let us know which model you would prefer:

- long legs/short legs, 

- finish: stainless steel, powder-coated or chrome

- with bags or without

- Shipping address and phone contact

Also, don't forget to let us know which LGTB organization you would like to donate 20% of the purchase price to. You will receive an email from us shortly with an estimate. Once payment is received, Lupit Rainbow Stage is yours and the donation will be transferred. 

The best part;

One of the Lupit Rainbow Stage (16th one) will be auctioned off and the highest bidder will get the whole package - Lupit Rainbow Stage of your choice (stainless steel/powder coated/ chrome; long legs/short legs) along with the bags.

We will donate the entire amount from the sale to the LGTB organization, which we will select with your help through a questionnaire posted on our IG channel (Ig Story).

Let's Celebrate Love.


All the information are publicly available on our web page.

The Campaign will be regularly advertised on our SM channels.


Complete solution for pole dance

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