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Salsa originated in Cuba, a dance genre that became popular in the clubs of Miami in the 50s and made its way to New York. There, in the 60s, a musical genre developed that, accompanied by dance, leaves no one indifferent.

Salsa Pole is a genre that is just finding its way into the world of pole dancing. It is suitable for all ages as it involves the body and mind. With the natural movement of the body following the music, in contact with yourself, you will forget your surroundings and surrender to an energy that will fill you for the whole day.

So move your tushes, get the heart pumping,  improve circulation, and increase breathing. By strengthening a variety of muscles and bones it will also keep your joints flexible. 

More salsa - less stress 

Sabine, Salsa instructor, Pole Dance instructor and Pole & Salsa instructor

began dancing when she was 6 years old with ballet, modern jazz and contemporary, her first love. Later in 2007, she discovered salsa and never stopped dancing it.

When she arrived in Paris in 2011, she followed the training to become a salsa instructor.

What she wants to teach in her class is the art of body movement, to create your own style, technique, musicality and most of all, the way to express and accept yourself.

She also discovered pole dance in Paris in 2012 which led her to create her own classes of Pole & Salsa dancing after taking several trainings to become a pole dance instructor.

Come and join us on this Salsa beginners challenge that starts on the 8th of March.

Every Monday Sabine will make a Salsa choreography video, your job will be to repeat steps after her. Each week we will choose the best dancer who will get Lupit's gift.


Rules of competition

- Follow @lupitpole

- Like post⁠

- Every Monday (for the next 5 weeks) we post a video of Sabine doing choreography.

- You have time till Friday at 11 am CET (every week) to repeat choreography after her and tag #lupit #lupitpole #lupitsalsa #polesalsa #creamoovdance under your video.

- Each week we chose 1 person, who we decide is the best dancer and who receives Lupit's gift.

Our aim is to show you different paths to move, to and love your bodies to the fullest.

Make yourself a bit #lavidaloca

Lupit is always full of surprises.


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