Self-love is not self-confidence. Self-love is not self-knowledge. Self-love is not self-sufficiency. Self-love is all these things combined.

It is understanding the inner pillar, feelings and experiences with it. Self-love is an everyday process, starting only when being fully prepared to change. 

It begins with cleaning up and sorting out. By opening the backpack we have carried through life and taking in the feelings with the accompanying images that will not let us live the full, empowered life we deserve. The process is long-lasting, it requires discipline, honest conversations with oneself and most importantly the awareness and realization that we cannot suffer for the past or from the future as they do not exist, that we suffer for the memories and our own imagination. 

We have to struggle through the process ourselves. Our partner, friends, family or professionals can help us through it. Whatever you feel will help you. The process is painful, both for you and for your loved ones, and it often happens that someone close to you may take another path. People are in our lives for a reason, for a period of time or a lifetime. The pain comes when we put them in the wrong category.

This Valentine's Day, take time for self-reflection. If you are single and want a partner, write down what qualities you want in him/her/they/them... And become one yourself. Are you someone you'd like to date? No relationship should be complicated. 

If you are a couple, take your time and just watch each other over a glass of wine, beer, candlelight or tea if you like. But pay attention.

Valentine's Day as any other day should be a holiday to celebrate love, love of self. Because only in wholeness will it be natural for us to give of ourselves. And the most we can do for ourselves is to be responsible for our feelings and actions so that our giving will then speak for us.

Remember that in addition to mental and spiritual exercise, the body also needs discipline. Let us take care of it we only have one. Shine. Play. Sway. Stay, and be true to yourself.

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to train at home, so we decided to restart the wheel of fortune again.  You can place your bet throughout Valentine's weekend.


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