Welcome to our Studio reselling program!

4 simple steps


Contact sales@lupitpole.com to set up your account.


Get your unique coupon.


Receive a monthly report on your commission.


Help promote and improve our products.


Welcome to our Studio Reselling program. 

It is simple and easy:

By signing the studio reselling program you receive the unique reselling code. 

With that reselling code, customers get a 5% discount on the purchase of any products from our webshop, and you get a 10% commission. For every piece sold with your CODE. 

We will keep track of all transactions with your personal CODE, and send a report/notification at the end of each month so you can see your status. After the minimum amount of 200,00€  or $250,00 commission is reached, you can send us a PayPal invoice, and you will receive a commission on your PayPal account. After the commission paid, the summation of sales effects continues from scratch.

NOTE: in case we have discounts on products in our web store: Your code will not work when trying to buy discounted products because discounts do not add up!

When using our different reselling programs, please note that you can only use one at a time. You use either the Studio Reselling CODE or Affiliate program link, for purchase. Different types of discounts do not add up.

There are other advantages if you decide to build a partnership with us. 

Lupit offers a benefits package:

- discounts on the purchase of studio equipment (discount depends on the quantity of order)

- support from marketing to promote your studio and your team on our SM channels/ content/promotion collaboration

- sponsorship of special events or local charity projects, organized by the studio

If you would like to join Lupit Studio reselling program send your request to sales@lupitpole.com 

We will review your application and will get back to you in 48 hours via e-mail.

Welcome to the Lupit Pole family.


When using our different reselling programs, please note that you can only use one at a time. You either order via our Studio reselling program or Affiliate program.

Different types of discounts do not add up if you are using more than one reselling program.


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