Gemma Young, pole dance & fitness addict,

Lupit Pole is a trusted and innovative dance pole brand with new and exciting ideas!
Their products are created using high-quality materials and craftsmanship and then tested by their ambassadors, leading artists, athletes and trainers in the pole community.'



Nadia Budurusi, NB Sport Academy Bucharest

Thank you very much for supporting us at the first National Championship of Pole in Romania, Miss Pole Dance Romania 2016. The poles you provided were the most important equipment we required for a professional competition. Thanks to your quality equipment and professionalism Miss Pole Dance Romania 2016 was a complete success and a starting point for passionate Romanian pole athletes. 



Cynthia de Voos, home user, NL

When I was looking for a pole for my home I soon ended up with two brands.
Lupit Pole and Xpole. I loved the design from Lupit Pole the most and I was concerned about the holes of Xpole.
I heard stories of people getting their belly piercing stuck.
I emailed both companies and the customer service from Lupit Pole was so great that I ordered one. I have the Lupit Pole classic now for a few months and I LOVE it. It's really the best pole I have ever touched and i'ts even better then the poles at the studios (3) I take classes.
I first thought it would be more of a challenge to grip on stainless steel because I was used to chrome but it grips even better then the chrome and brass poles at the studio. Every time I fail to do a trick in class I'm thinking; this would go better at home.
I also love the spin, it's so super smooth and perfect. I love my pole and I would never take any other brand or finish! The quality is so high and I can easily mount it by myself. If you're in doubt, buy a Lupit pole you won't regret!



Lauren Williquette, home user, USA

LOVE my pole!!!!!
The powder you sent me is amazing too and really REALLY helps my sweaty hands.
Some of the girls at my studio had never heard of it before and we are always looking for new solutions for grips!
But back to the pole--it was easy to set up, and is SUPER strong and steady.
My ceilings are 9' 6'' so I was nervous because of this but I totally trust this pole and it has not once made me feel nervous that it would bend/fall.
To be honest, this pole seems nicer than what we have in the studio! I am relatively new to pole (dancing for 4 months) and knew I needed to practice at home to really embrace my new passion and I can't say enough good things about this pole.
I get excited every time I look at it! Well worth the price and wait, can't wait for you guys to come to the USA :)
Thanks again for all of your help! Best wishes!



Sally Anderson, home user, UK

I absolutely love my new Lupit pole.
It goes together (and comes apart!) incredibly easily, no complicated joints or over-engineered mechanisms, it just works! 

Very stable, and the spin action is so smooth. The 42mm diameter is just right too. 
The customer service I received was absolutely excellent, quick replies in my own language and just so helpful. 
100% worth the price, I'll definitely be buying another one eventually. 
The only thing that would make it even better is carry case, as the box is already a bit bashed up after a few car journeys and isn't going to last long. 
Thanks Lupit for such a lovely pole and perfect customer service xxx



Kori NNe, home user, USA

Just got my new Lupit Pole for Festivus from my parents.
It spins so fluidly, is perfectly grippy, and is so easy to put together.
(No holes like xpole) I love my new Lupit. 
Who wants to come over and try it?



Liuda Moskovtseva-Tambova, home user, ISRAEL

The best pole from my experience and outstanding customer service!!!!!!

Poledancerka, home user, SLO

Absolut winner.

Ana B Del Cueto, home user, PUERTO RICO

I am so so happy and in love with my new lupit pole 42mm!!! The best!

Jordan Mazur, studio owner, USA

Finally got the rest of the new ‪lupitpole poles installed today!
We have 9 beautiful stainless steel poles!

Anita Simikić, studio owner, DE

The most beautifull pol!!!

Sophie Martinet, home user, FRANCE

Lupit pole is the best pole.

Amy Kim, pole dance bloger, USA

Holy beautiful European engineering.
My 42mm stainless Lupit Pole is here.....
Pole cave activate!!!!!!

IsraPole, studio owner, ISRAEL

Thank you:)
We really love the poles, they are great!

Mirela Helinger, home user, CRO

I was looking for a really fine heavy-duty mat for my pole dance routines at home and was surprised to found some
of them sold in my neighbourhood (I live in Croatia), by Lupit Pole.
Not only did it arrive superfast in a superb package but wow!
It is sooo soft and covered in bubbly pink leather-like material (I bought the thickest one).
What I also like is how easy it can be unfolded, plus it has those lovely handles to pick it and drop with ease.
Should I say that my daughter's having a blast time on my lovely new pink mat having me to wait my turn.

Melanie Dre Ama Teknotribe, home user, RUSSIA

Loved the Lupit people, their poles, pole products and personalities!
Was awesome to meet you

All with love from South Africa! We need your poles here visit soon.

Deva DanceShop, studio owner, GREECE

Excellent people who always do their best to perfect their products!
Lupit Poles are very good! We recommend them!

Valerie Hoare, Pole Fitness Instructor, UK 

Excellent Company with outstanding customer service.

Zoran Simikić, studio owner, CRO

The highest quality in the world!!! Superb


Brigitte Bonin, studio owner, UK

Not only the Lupit Pole is easy to mount (2 minutes) but the quality of the stainless steel material makes the grip really confortable for the skin. The diameter is good for large hands as well as small ones.


Noreen Claire Efondo, pole dance competitor, Philippines

Hi. I'm Noreen Efondo, a pole dancer from the Philippines. I would like to share with you how happy I am with your lupit pole grip. I was fortunate to be one of the finalist at the Pole Star Malaysia and was given a Lupit pole grip. I was having a hard time with my wet hands, i keep on slipping on the pole, but when i tried lupit grip, i was so happy that I can stick to the pole and there was improvement on my grip and sweaty hands. I would like to share this good news to pole dancers here in the Philippines who has the same condition as mine.